August 4, 2016

Learning Management System | About Us | LearnPac Systems

Learning Management System | About Us | LearnPac Systems

Learning Management System | About Us | LearnPac Learner Management Systems

LearnPac Systems® is a cutting edge, innovative, accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) provider.

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Who is LearnPac for?

LearnPac® e-learning system is suitable for anyone and everyone! 

Our interactive learning management system caters for all sectors and organisation sizes; big and small as well as individuals. We have a large catalogue of e-learning courses for healthcare; health and social care; health and safety; hospitality and catering among many others.

Our team of experienced content developers and copy writers can write relevant online courses specifically for your organisation. Alternatively, we can help you to convert existing induction training and other classroom based statutory and mandatory training courses into interactive e learning courses. 

What are the benefits of elearning with LearnPac?


Here at LearnPac® we work closely with our technical developers to constantly improve and advance both our online courses and learner management system features and functions…

 Create your own FREE blended learning environment Fully flexible online learner management system
Save money with online courses FREE certification with all online courses
 E-Learning helps to improve employee productivity  ELearning helps to boost organisational performance
 Full control with our ‘Group Management’ feature   Interactive online learning platform
Accessible on multiple devices and platforms Dedicated Support Team
 Online courses look great on your CV!  Learn anything, anytime, anywhere

The boring technical bits…


So, the technical parts of elearning might sound a bit boring – but it’s actually pretty interesting …

LearnPac Systems® LMS uses the latest TIN CAN API version. TIN CAN is an innovative elearning standard that’s replacing SCORM. Although SCORM has served us well for many years, it doesn’t really capture the full picture of elearning. TIN CAN API allows you to record any learning experience, wherever and however it happens. The TIN CAN API give you the ability to see the whole picture.

Our cloud based e-learning system is accessed via a secure, UK based server – meaning all data is securely protected and you remain compliant with ICO and data protection regulations.

So why choose LearnPac LMS?


The real question here is – why wouldn’t you choose LearnPac as your elearning provider …

Here at LearnPac® our experienced team are dedicated to providing our clients with a cost effective, tailored, high-quality and easy elearning solution for both them and their employees. LearnPac® aims to give your workforce a unique and memorable elearning experience.

Who is currently using LearnPac LMS?

LearnPac® have a wide range of sectors currently using the online learning platform including : NHS providers, private sector companies, care homes and non-profit organisations among many others.

Contact us to find out how LearnPac® can help you or your organisation to stay ahead with online learning and witness the benefits of elearning today!

 “The support from LearnPac was phenomenal! We used LearnPac Systems for the blended learning environment. They provided our mental health staff with all the online statutory & mandatory training courses to meet our regulatory requirements…”
~ Eden Brown Synergy (public sector recruitment suppliers)

” Thank you LearnPac! The course content you designed was suitably tailored to our workforce, which really helped staff improve understanding of the subjects. The flexibility and support we were given was outstanding …!”

~ One Health (specialist surgeons & healthcare managers)


Learning Management System | About Us | Learner Management Systems