August 1, 2016

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UK Learning Management Platform Provider 

LearnPac Systems® is a leading UK learning management platform provider.

Whether you are looking for online courses, accredited LMS provider, blended learning environment or convert existing classroom courses into elearning, then LearnPac is the learning platform for you.

UK Learning Management Platform Provider

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LearnPac Systems – UK Accredited E-Learning Provider

Here at LearnPac®, we are proud to say that we are an accredited UK elearning provider.

Our innovative learner management platform is highly interactive and easy to use. Based on Tin Can API, LearnPac® follows the new e-learning standard that is revolutionising online learning design. We are constantly improving our online learning platform to improve the learners’ experience and keep up to date with learning technology advancements.

Interactive Online CPD Courses 


LearnPac Systems® is an accredited provider of a wide range of high-quality, interactive online courses. We provide online learning courses for various sectors including; healthcare, social care, recruitment, retail, conflict management, personal development and construction among many others. All our online courses are regularly updated to be in line with relevant UK legislation and requirements – so your online course content is always up to date and appropriate.  

Peace of mind with our online CPD courses…

The content of all our online CPD courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

What are the benefits of LearnPac’s learning management platform?

With LearnPac‘s elearning management platform, you can learn anything, anywhere and at any time that is convenient for you. LearnPac® elearning courses are also cost effective, both for individuals and organisations. On completion of each course, you will be required to complete an online knowledge test. Once you successfully complete your online assessment, you will be able to download/print your own FREE certificate. Click on the link below to view our online course catalogue.

We have a wide range of multi-sector online course categories to choose from including: health and safety, healthcare, social care, conflict management and so much more !

What are the key benefits of Elearning with LearnPac?

 Instant access to your online course  High quality course content
✓ Easy to use, interactive courses   Competitive pricing packages
 Develop your workforce   Self-paced learning
 Keep track of your learning ✓  FREE certificates with all online courses
 Constantly improving our platform  Regular updates & adding new features

Constantly improving learning management platform…


Electronic learning technologies are constantly developing and improving at a fast pace – so is LearnPac’s online learner management system (LMS)!

LearnPac Systems® is a leading UK provider of cloud based LMS. With LearnPac®, you have the freedom to create your own FREE blended learning environment and tailor it to suit your organisational requirements.  Our online LMS has a wide range of learner management features and functions. You can use these automated functions to develop or even customise learner reporting to suit your organisational needs. With Learnpac®, your organisation will be in FULL CONTOL. See below some of the benefits of our online learning platform:

What are the benefits of our Learning Management Platform (LMS)?

✓ Accredited UK elearning provider Access online course catalogue immediately
✓ Organise elearning content all in one location   Upload you own courses and assessments
 Reduce learning and development costs and time   Convert your existing courses into elearning
✓ Keep up-to date with compliance regulations Bulk upload learners and learning groups
 Set up free blended learning environment (BLE)  Advanced group management features

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.


At LearnPac® we provide a free blended learning environment (BLE) for both individuals and organisations looking for a new more efficient way of learning. With our free blended learning, you can combine both classroom training, independent study and distance learning using out easily accessible online learning portal.

What are the benefits LearnPac’s Blended Learning Environment (BLE)?

  Tailored and personalised training experience   Reduce training costs substantially
24/7 access to online training courses Allows for independent, self-paced learning
 Track employee performance and skill development  Get ‘The best of both worlds’ experience 

How can my business benefits from LearnPac learning management platform?


LearnPac Systems® have over 10 years of experience supporting a wide range of small to medium size (SME) and large UK organisations across all sectors to develop and implement elearning.

We have successfully implemented e-learning in the following sectors…

  NHS Organisations   Private health and social care provider
Recruitment companies Further education colleges
 Training providers  Retail organisations
 Charities    Third sector organisations

So how does it work? 

Our founding principles are based on the need to provide learning anywhere and at anytime convenient for the learner. Learning does not have to be difficult. Whether you have a computer, laptop, tablet or just a basic smartphone, you will be able to access LearnPac®. We believe in developing simple solutions to challenging problems, that is, meaningful online learning for anyone who has access to an electronic device.

Our developers have many years of experience developing online learning systems and relevant content across a number of sectors. We will work with your organisation to structure and appropriate e learning package towards your workforce development strategies. We will guarantee to boost your candidates’ motivation and confidence, personal and professional development and organisational productivity.

What makes LearnPac® the best UK online learning platform?

  A dedicated technical & development team  Flexible online system
Responsive support from learning industry experts Competitive pricing and cost effective
 TIN CAN API and Cloud based learning system  Access courses from smartphones & tablets
 New features and functions are constantly added   Tailored and personalised training experience

LearnPac® offers a wide range of online learning solutions for organisations of all sizes. Whether you are looking for one online course or a fully tailored LMS package, then LearnPac® can help! Contact our Support team today to see how we can help your organisation to stay ahead with e-learning.

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